The Good Life

“What is the good life?” a little girl asked of her grandmother.

“Well,” she replied “It is made up of many things.”

“It’s playing games till way too late. It’s waking up way past eight. It’s eating meals around the table, with the whole family as you’re able. It’s slowing down, not eating fast. It’s noticing the good, leaving the past in the past. It’s taking what you need, not hoarding in greed. It’s getting groceries for those who can’t. It’s the choice to hold your tongue instead of rant. It’s helping others, not just helping yourself. It’s not taking the last one on the shelf. It’s growing yourself as a person. Its a sacrfice so things don’t worsen. It’s fishing trips to the lake so you don’t break. It’s chalk art driveways and empty highways. It’s learning from those who hold you dear and keeping those loved ones oh so near.”

The little girl smiled and asked, “Have you ever seen a time like that?”

“There was this one time.” She simply replied