A Little About Me

My name is Bryn, or as my sister liked to call me, Brynie-poo-pot-pie-katherinie-busby. Its not short for anything. It sounds like Brenda, “without the da”, as one woman put it.

I am married to the most amazing creature on the planet, my husband Scott. He and I love spending time together with our five crazy, great kiddos. We are in the later stages of parenting youngish children. They range from 19 down to 11.5. The .5 is very important to her.

I have had a burden on my heart to minister to women since I was fifteen years old and my grandparents gave me a teen Bible. Since then, women of all ages have allowed me to walk alongside them in good seasons and bad. I am working on several books currently that God has been stirring in my heart for almost a decade. It is time I take action and quit putting off my purpose.

This blog serves as my way to share my heart along my journey. I pray that it ministers to you as you travel along yours. Please reach out if you ever need prayer. I am here.

Blessings to you!


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