Be the Lighthouse

So, in the last few years I have started really listening in to see if the Lord had a word for me. It’s something I have admired one of my friends for doing for many years. She and the Lord meet in a sweet and sacred space, and He bestows the most beautiful, timely, and at times, challenging words. And I wanted the same. So, I started listening and ppraying for such a gift of my own.

This past Fall, my youngest was working on a project for class. She and her team had to design a homeless shelter. One of the components of this assignment was the naming of the center. We thought about many great names, many obvious names, and even a few obscure names.

One name that I came up was “Lighthouse”. She didn’t dismiss this one right away. We took the time and really thought about the symbolism and purpose of a lighthouse. It gives much needed light and guidance to ships coming into harbor in the dark. It gives a point of reference. It shines brightly in the presence of darkness. It even gives hope to vessels, tossing about in the night. As we shared ideas I felt a still, small stirring.

“Be the lighthouse.”

What? This didn’t even make sense to me. As time went on those words sat with me as I drank coffee, picked up groceries with me from the store, and laid quietly at my side in bed at night.

“Be the lighthouse.”

I began to realize these unrelenting words were mine. They were His gift to me. They were my call to action this year. And so I set out, trying to figure out how to “be the lighthouse.” Honestly, this was stressing me out. I have a major need to please, to do things right, and I had absolutely no clue how to do this and it was my word for the year! This was heavier than anything I had ever tried to carry before. For a lighthouse, I grew more and more dim, drawing noone, including myself, back to Him.

A few weeks back, I heard it again. “Be the lighthouse.”

And then it made sense. Be the light house.

He wasn’t asking me to be the light shining out. He was asking me to be the house for the light. To be the vessel for His light. A million tons lifted off of my shoulders. My job is to let His light shine for all to see. He will be the light that guides the lost home. He will shine bright in the midst of deep darkness. He will be the hope. He will be the light. And I will be the house.

Recently our nation has been under tremendous stress. We are bending and we are breaking. And I have been so fearful. And again, His light hasn’t been shining from within me. I had no idea why. I had spent many hours in quiet study of His word. I journaled, soaking in time in His presence. And still no light. All consuming anxiety and fear had boarded up the windows to my lighthouse. Nail by nail, fear by fear, board by board, I closed up shop at my lighthouse. I kept that little light hidden. It wasn’t safe to let it out. It wasn’t safe to let the world see His light through my vessel. The hurting broken world would surely try to snuff out any light I might share through my windows.

Again, in the midst of all of this turmoil plaguing my great nation, He calls to me, “Be the lighthouse.”

Just the other day, I ran across an old friend in scripture.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”
Psalm 46:10

“Be still and know that I am God.”

He is God. I am not.

He is the light. I am not.

It’s time for me to take down the boards. Nail by nail. Fear by fear. Board by board.

He is God. I am not.

He is the light. I am not.

I am to be the lighthouse.

This little light of His, I’m gonna let it shine.