Paper Cuts

​”and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God,” Ephesians 6:17 ESV

I’ve said several times that I feel that the Lord sheds light on scriptures for me, through visuals in my mind. Yesterday was no different. 

I was in a Bible study class at church, for new believers. As we studied, we talked about the power and importance of scripture memorization. Our study leader mentioned how we must yield the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. 

I had been really struggling, since I started attending this class, to understand why we must memorize scripture. Such a head level skill when we are working to have a heart level relationship with God. And in that moment yesterday, I saw why.

I got a visual of the brand new believer. The one who doesn’t know there are two testaments. The one who knows they love Jesus and doesn’t know there are verses and chapters and books all about Him, yet. I could see this new believer wielding a sword of paper. It was shaped like a sword, but it was paper thin. It needed more to it. 

The visual just kept on as I saw scripture wrapping around it, one memorized verse at a time. Then, as true with growth, the sword must be put straight into the fire. Next, this new, thicker sword had to be drawn out and beaten into shape. Isn’t that just how life goes? We equip ourselves with a new learning, scripture, improvement and then it’s straight into the fire for testing and out again to be shaped and molded. 

Learning. Trial. Pain. Learning. The cycle goes on and on, each time adding more meat to the sword we wield in this world.

But, my friend, the greatest revelation came when I looked at that brand new, paper thin sword. I felt His presence clear as can be,

 “Even paper cuts.” 

What?! Yes! Paper can cut, too! Though we may be new, we are a usable tool to God. We are able to make an impact in this great world. We are able to begin to defend ourselves in this great battle, using our new equipping through the word of God. 

Memorizing scripture is challenging at best, for most of us. Even still, we must make it a part of our lives; to write the word of God on our hearts, so he can make our paper swords into swords of great strength.