To Bloom

If you look closely you will see the first new bud on one of the roses my Matthew gave me.

It’s a sweet reminder, in the midst of so much life, that we are placed here, at this very moment, for such a time as this.

Many of us have been instructed or directed to bloom where we are planted. Have you ever thought about the gravity of such a calling?

To bloom, implies that you have been planted. Your very spot was chosen, prepared and then you were carefully placed there. To bloom, implies that your outer self, your seed coat, had to die and you work hard to press through the dirt to break though to find the light.  To bloom, implies that you were cared for, watered, provided for. To bloom, implies that you didn’t just exist, you flourished, you thrived, and new life came from your humble, even challenging beginnings.


If you have been given the direction to bloom where you are planted, you have been given a direction to flourish and thrive right where you are.