Some days I wish I could eat like I use to.

Somedays, I wish I could indulge in chili cheese tator tots, double cheeseburgers, sweet tea with endless refills. Somedays, I wish I could just buy that magic pill, potion, lotion, patch that every friend I know sells. The one that promises that I don’t have to change a thing and I will be skinny tomorrow.

Then, I remember I can eat that way, and I will look and feel like I used to! I remember that I will never find a magic anything that will allow me to eat that way and find freedom from the unhealth it creates.

Disciplined eating while learning how to live a healthy life, is hard, very hard. The cravings for the junk and the huge quantities of it can be overwhelming. But, day by day, I have gotten stronger, healthier, and gained more distance from the bondage of food addiction.

So, today I will choose a banana over chili cheese tater tots and no bun. I will claim victory over food. Tomorrow, with God’s grace, I will do it again.