Ready for Battle

David was a man who heard what others had heard. What crippled others with fear, called him to action. When his family learned of his calling, they doubted and even became angry with him. Even the man in charge of their spiritual journey spoke against him. Hearing all of their doubt, he did the unthinkable, he turned away from them and continued on the journey with the same perseverance. He was fitted for battle, in a suit not of his own. Knowing this, he put it off, and picked up what he knew. He knew his gifting with his own tools. He knew his greatest weapon was God.

We all know how the rest of the story went. With a sling and a stone, he struck down the giant.

This inspired me greatly. I know the calling that has been placed on my heart and I know the battles David faced. I have been mocked and doubted by friends and family. I have been suited up with the wrong armor and weapons. But, what I cannot say, is that I persevered in the way David did. He turned the other way and continued on. Doubt and disbelief from others, turned into fact in my heart. I walked away from my purpose and my calling, instead of the voices around me.

I made that choice to walk away, and every day I make the choice to step back into the battle. I must pick up the tools I have been given, putting off the doubt and unbelief, to fight in the capacity I have been called to fight. I know the voices will come back. I know it will be the fight of a lifetime. I also know that I have a purpose I cannot run from in fear. I know the joy it brings to walk boldly and confidently in His calling. I know the contentment it brings to be a part of His plan.

I am not the only one stepping up to the battle line. Each of us has a calling to step into. Each of us must put off what is not ours to own, and choose, instead, to put on His purpose for our lives. Maybe that purpose is to minister to our husbands, or care for our children. Maybe that battle line is being Christ-like in yoir work place or leading a Bibke study in your home. Whatever your purpose, pick up the tools He’s already equipped you with.

We must be ready for battle.