Winter Green Grass

A few years back, I went to the little league park to play a game of family baseball with my husband and kids. As we played that day, I couldn’t help but notice the lush green grass under my feet. Even in the midst of winter, the grass was vibrant with life.

When the game ended we all walked back to the van to get a drink. It was then that I noticed a harsh reality. There was a distinct line between lush, green grass and dead, dry remnants of grass.

One side of the line teemed with life and the other reflected the bitter truth of winter.

To those who maintain these fields, it makes no sense to water off of the playing areas of the field. Unfortunately, that results in death for the areas they no longer care for.

How true this can be in our lives, more specifically our marriages. In the winters of life, when we are in the depths of child-rearing, we pour our energy out into the areas that most seem important. Then, after periods without nurturing and time invested, we start to notice the separation and distance growing, in our once thriving marriages.

In the midst of this winter, we start to feel like we deserve better.  We forget to nurture the needs of our mate, but become upset when our own needs are neglected. The worst deception in marriage is that we “deserve better”. This is the proverbial “grass is greener” scenario.

Think with me for a moment. Where do you invest your time, energy, efforts? Do you pour your resources into your work? Your children? Your status? Your friendships? Where do you spend your “self”? This is where you are watering. If the ground you are standing on is dry and parched, have hope, its dormant- not dead.

Your marriage isn’t dead. Your relationship with your children isn’t dead. Your relationship with God isn’t dead. Take time to “water” where you are.  Take time to nourish the relationships that haven’t been getting the attention they need from you.

Life is waiting to spring forth, right under your feet.

As I walked back to the car and saw the contrast between the living and dead grass, I had to take a pic to remind me always to “water” all my relationships.