The Fall

The winds have to howl, and the rain has to pour, and gravity must tug hard for the leaves to fall. And the leaves must fall, if the tree is to be reborn in the Spring.

It must lose all that it is, and all that it has, and even appear as though it has lost its life, if it is to gain it again in the Spring.

This thought washed over me as I sat in my window seat, watching the trees move about in the rain. Aren’t we like the tree? Aren’t we being blown about, under heavy circumstances pouring down, with all things weighing heavy on us? And really, doesn’t it cause us to shed our old selves in order to be renewed and reborn?

See trials and pain have a purpose. This Fall season of the soul, it has a purpose. When the Winter season comes, and all appears hopeless and lost, remember, that a Spring is coming, and that in your Fall season, you made room for your rebirth.

So, let the wind blow, the rain pour heavy on your soul, gravity pull hard, and let those leaves fall, fall to the ground. You don’t need that part of you anymore. Something greater is being created inside you and will, one day, come through you. And it will be beautiful! It will be Victorious!