Seen and Unseen

A couple of summers back, my husband was teaching our youngest daughter nicknamed Bug, how to float. She was terrified to lay on her back and relax. Scott finally took her to the shallow end of the pool, by the steps, and got her to finally relax and let him hold her. As she laid there, on her back, eyes closed in sweet surrender, her daddy was watching the steps like a hawk. Every person who even came near was noticed and he shielded her little body from any possible waves or splashes that would have spooked her. She relaxed more and more into her father’s arms. He continued his watch, putting himself between her and any disturbances she was blissfully unaware of.

In that moment, I saw my relationship with God. I struggle to surrender my will to His. But when I relax into his arms, and allow myself to be held, He is able to do so much that I am blissfully unaware of.

When we count our blessings, I think it is critical to be thankful for those seen and unseen. His word says He is our stronghold, our shelter in time of need. He wants to hold us in loving arms. He wants to shield us. All we have to do, surrender. We have to allow ourselves to be held.